Happiest Baby on the Blockhttp://www.thehappiestbaby.com/

Dunstan Baby Languagehttp://dunstanbaby.com/

These two fabulous DVDs are truly amazing for training parents, a refresher for grandparents and help for babysitters! I think the Happiest Baby on the Block is a great resource, but it needs Dunstan Baby Language to make it complete.

Happiest Baby on the Block teaches parents about the 5 S’s to turn on the calming reflex in your baby: shushing, swaddling, swinging, side position, and sucking.

Dunstan Baby Language teaches five basic sounds all babies make:

Owl = I’m sleepy (based on yawn reflex)
Ehh = Upper wind (burp me)
Eirh = Lower wind (help me pass gas)
Nay = I’m hungry (based on sucking reflex)
Heh = I’m uncomfortable somewhere

These sounds are only good for the first 3 months of life, but they really make it easy to bond with your baby because you can easily determine what your baby wants or needs which leads to high self-confidence as a parent. Understanding your baby’s sounds also begins building trust between you and your baby because you are able to responds to their needs immediately and without the usual guess work.

Plus, you will amaze everyone at your ability to keep your baby happy and content.

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