Baby Sign Language – is a project for parents teaching infants and toddlers early communications skills. They believe that early communication sets the foundation for accelerated learning, reduced frustration, and a closer relationship between parent and child. Their website contains baby sign language resources designed around the pedagogical needs of infants and toddlers. They take into account the daily challenges confronted by new parents as they attempt to equip their babies with the tools to thrive. This site was founded when they started teaching their own children how to sign. Their kids loved signing and they loved being able to share in their lives. After hundreds of shared secrets and averted tantrums they can’t understand how any parent could live without Baby Sign Language. They told everyone, and so their friends laid down the challenge, “why don’t you teach every parent Baby Sign Language?

Einstein Syndrome – Down Syndrome with a Positive Attitude:
The site is designed to provide a place for parents and professionals to share positive information for helping their children become all that God wants them to become, not bound by the negative stereotypes that accompany a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Positive approaches to health, nutrition, disease prevention, education, therapies, social and spiritual training are discussed. This includes but is not limited to targeted nutritional intervention (TNI, NuTriVene-D and MSBPlus) and other vitamin therapy; NACD, ICAN and other neurodevelopmental approaches; early intervention, therapies, and schooling options.

Special Friends Online – The No. 1 Online Community for People with Learning Disabilities, Their Parents,  Carers and Volunteers
This is a very nice site that appears to be safe and secure with moderators watching that it’s members are taken care of. (Safety and security is their main priority to create a safe haven for friendships to grow.) It was founded for everyone who is connected at the heart to someone with special needs that they wish to stay in touch with, or find and reconnect with. Many people meet at events such as Special Olympics and then lose touch. This is the ideal medium for our community to stay connected. Check it out! It also has many links and resources available to parents and caregivers as well as a forum to discuss all the many issues that individuals with special needs present.

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