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Behavior Therapy – Only Ask Three Times –when your child won’t listen and obey

Here’s a tip: After you have asked three times for your child to do something, stop being verbal and resort to gestures.

It’s one of those little annoyances that kids will do to manipulate us parents and caregivers for attention. Let’s face it, they all love the sound of mommy’s voice and the more they hear it, the more satisfied they are!

Sit down!
Come around the bed!
Give to mommy!
Wipe your chin!
Lay still!
Don’t move!

The list is endless, but you needn’t go hoarse repeating yourself. If you don’t know sign language that’s okay. Invent a gesture for each command. Using the command will switch gears in their brains where they go from auditory to visual and it may be enough to get the response you are looking for.

Homeopathic Treatment of Children with Down Syndrome

Here is a great article I came across on how Homeopathy was used to treat several young children with Down syndrome in Paderborn, Germany to relieve a multitude of symptoms from:

Recurrent vomiting
Failure to thrive
Recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract
Enuresis nocturna
Sleep disturbances
Autism and emotional and neurotic ailments