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Steroids and High Intraoccular Pressure – Part II “Getting Alternative”

16 Month Old Arabella - Two Months Off Prednisone

16 Month Old Arabella - Two Months Off Prednisone

Faced with an Exam Under Anesthesia (EUA) and possible surgery (a.k.a. the “S” word) to drain the eyeballs of excess fluid, I went into creative mode and did the following things to help bring down the eyeball pressure:

– Called our Osteopath to make a series of appoints back to back to get Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMTs)

– Called our Homepath to get advice on what remedies we could use to bring down the eyeball pressure

– Called our relative who is an Ayurvedic doctor from India for herbal ideas

– Discussed the use of Epsom Salt baths with Dr. Granet to draw excess water out of her little body
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Speech Therapy – Free Class from the San Diego Unified School District for Parents of Special Needs Infants and Toddlers

Alcott Elementary, in the San Diego Unified School District, offers a speech therapy program through their Infant and Toddler Program to help parents learn the basics of how a baby begins to learn speech.  The class is ideal if your baby with special needs is at or near the age of beginning to talk. It offers the opportunity to learn some significant techniques to use to encourage “child lead learning” and enhance the interactions between parent and child. You really ought to talk with your public school system and see if they offer any classes for parents.

I signed up for a 12 week class and I have a lot to learn. Our instructor Ms. Dale Bushnell-Revel SLP, a veteran speech therapist, impressed me from the start.

[Note: as of 1/8/10 the company that Alcott uses in their free speech therapy program, while they have not threatened legal action,  would prefer that I do not blog about what I learned in the class.]

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