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Homeopathic Teething Remedies: A Mom’s Perspective

Neatly folded in a small square plastic storage box is a list of remedies for teething and the remedies themselves. I have been keeping this box and my Helios brand First Aid Kit For Travelers close at hand for a good number of months, throwing them into my daughter’s diaper bag when we leave the house. When the right remedy is used, my baby girl gets rapid pain relief and her gentle sweet nature returns.
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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

My first thought with a roll of my eyeballs was, “Oh, God, what a hippie necklace!” A very, ultra alternative-type girlfriend of mine put them on both of her children and I dismissed it without much thought. It wasn’t until my ultra conservative Republican friend was pushing a stroller with her daughter in it, and she was wearing one. Upon questioning it, my girlfriend announced, “Oh, those? Everyone in Europe uses amber teething necklaces, it’s just Americans who are a little slow to catch on.”

The minute I got home from my walk, I jumped on Google and searched the web for history and information as to how these necklaces work.
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