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Steroids and High Intraoccular Pressure – Part II “Getting Alternative”

16 Month Old Arabella - Two Months Off Prednisone

16 Month Old Arabella - Two Months Off Prednisone

Faced with an Exam Under Anesthesia (EUA) and possible surgery (a.k.a. the “S” word) to drain the eyeballs of excess fluid, I went into creative mode and did the following things to help bring down the eyeball pressure:

– Called our Osteopath to make a series of appoints back to back to get Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMTs)

– Called our Homepath to get advice on what remedies we could use to bring down the eyeball pressure

– Called our relative who is an Ayurvedic doctor from India for herbal ideas

– Discussed the use of Epsom Salt baths with Dr. Granet to draw excess water out of her little body
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Dev – Cause and Effect

This toy really motivated Arabella to press the large button-pad. It had vibration, visual stimulous (flying confetti in the dome) and a tinny music box rendition of Sesame Street’s theme song. It was loaned to us through her school’s Infant & Toddler Program and it was her favorite. Here she is in January 2009 exploring it for the first time.

Coming soon: Arabella reunites with her old toy-friend in June 2009.
-Anne Marie, mom

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