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PT – Standing Technique Using An Exercise Ball

Part I

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PT – Sitting To Standing From a 90/90 Position

In this video, a 14-month old girl is sitting on two boppy-type pillows in a 90-90 position; her back is 90′ degrees to her thighs and the knees are bent 90′ degrees with feet flat on the floor. This position is ideal for getting a child to stand from the sitting position. The nose is “over the toes” and the feet shoulder’s width apart.

TIP: Keep some toys in front of your child that are above waist level when you do this exercise so that their interest is in moving upwards and towards the toys.

Please remember that this video shows a unique child-therapist relationship. Your child’s needs or response to the activity may differ, so be sure to follow the direction of your child’s therapist for the most appropriate activities or techniques for your child.

Neil Goyal, MS, PT

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