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PT – Side-sitting to Quadruped

Neil Goyal, MS, PT

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PT – Crawling: Using A Boppy-type Pillow

There are many ways you can use a Boppy-type pillow to assist you in your PT efforts. This video shows one of them.

In this first video, a baby girl is learning to alternate hands while in a quadruped position, which will help her learn how to crawl and creep. The second video shows the similarity of boppy-type pillow and how you can use your leg as a substitute; the baby’s hand position is also addressed. The last video shows placing a baby in quadruped (hands and knees) to practice the position, which is used for creeping and transitional movements, helping to decrease excessive extension through the body, and more.

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PT – Crawling Lessons: Hands, Knees and Feet Tips

In this series of videos, you will learn what proper hand support in the child looks like and a simple way to get them practicing weight bearing on their hands. The second video shows how to motivate a prone child to bend their leg by tickling their feet and the last video demonstrates how a child can get experience on their knees (weight bearing) and go from sitting to kneeling.

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