This series of seven videos was designed to give you some creative ideas about how to get your child to taste, hold (self-feed) eat and drink using a variety of tools. The series covers the following:
– Cut-Away Cup (2 parts)
– Flat spoon
– Honey Bear Bottle
– Straw Feeding
– Baby-safe Feeder Bag
– Food on Cloth

1.) This Cut-Away Cup is also referred to as a “Flexi-cup” or “nosey cup” –since one side of the cup is cut out so it won’t touch the nose of the child drinking from it. It was designed to promote drinking without neck extension. The transparent plastic allows parents to see the contents being delivered by the cup and to controll the amounts. The soft plastic of the cup allows the parent to squeeze it in such a way that it conforms to the shape of the child’s mouth.

When using the cup, gently hold a finger under the chin to give support to the jaw and another finger under the lower lip to help facilitate closing the lips on the cup when drinking.

The cut-away cup is available at

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